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Advertising Medias

When you own a business, choosing the right methods to advertise it is essential. Some methods of media advertising work better than others when it comes to promoting certain types of businesses.

This blog sheds a light on understanding what are the different ways that you can advertise and how they work is critical to your success.

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Direct Mail

Direct mail can be a high profit, low cost advertising medium. Make your direct mail campaign a hit with these comprehensive tips and tricks.

Direct Mail's Deadly Sins How much junk mail do you receive each day? Do you read it? Toss it? Now put yourself in the shoes of your direct mail recipients. Avoid direct mail mistakes or your materials will end up in the trash too.

a.Your Direct Mail Campaign Schedule
Plan out your mailing schedule to get your direct mail campaign noticed, not trashed.

b.Your Email Ad Campaign Vs. Spamming
How can you send bulk Email responsibly? How can your Email ad campaign be spam free? Get answers to these questions and more in this complete FAQ.

c.Direct Email List Source
This site offers thousands of opt-in voluntary email advertising lists you can "rent." You won't have to worry about spamming here!

d.DM News
Get the latest direct marketing news from the publishers of Direct Marketing Magazine. You can also sign up for free daily news updates.

e.National Mail Order Association
NMOA is a place for professionals in the mail order business to come together. Be sure to sign up for their free newsletter to stay up on the latest mail order and direct marketing news.

Getting the word out to prospective customers about a new product, event or service is essential if your business is going to be successful. So,I believe the above methods of advertising will help you accomodate your objectives of advertising.


Surbhi Maheshwari [MBA Fin / Mktg ] 
Manager Finance
On Line Assistence :
Gtalk : SurbhiM.AeroSoft@gmail.com
Y! Messenger : SurbhiM.AeroSoft@yahoo.com
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Advertising has come a long way today. More and more new medium is being explored each day to make a successful ad campaign. Internet that has in recent times picked up as an advertising medium in no time has become the favorite of the advertiser. Internet not only helps capture maximum audience but also broadens the exposure. Internet today, undoubtedly is one of the best mediums for brand promotion and advertising.
In a country like India where in we are not dominated by a monopolistic market and have new products popping up each day advertising gains a whole new perspective. Today the contemporary market scenario is demarcated by cut throat competition where in each competitor tries to bet the others in the race. To carve a niche for themselves one needs to be on their toes and for that knowledge of the latest advertising tools is inevitable.

Internet as an advertising medium is versatile and this is it where it sands apart from the conventional advertising medium. It is a highly flexible medium that allows you to make changes during the course of the campaign as and when required without incurring much additional cost. This makes internet all the more important in a country like India where the business scenario is highly dynamic and changes with each passing day. Online media advertising allows you to make changes as and when required to meet the latest demands of the market.

Internet advertising is on an all time boom and is bound to take Indian advertising on an all-new level. If we are to believe the results of a latest research facts show that that approximately 30 million dollar is solely generated by online advertising. Going by this fact one can have an idea of the immense potential of advertising medium Internet and the future of online advertising.

The main strength of Internet as an advertising medium is its ability to reach out to a vast audience at one go. Internet advertising is also not bound by limitations such as time and accessibility as one can surf the net at any time of the day making your advertisement available 24*7 unlike television ads to which the viewers can’t go back or the newspaper ads that go in the waste once they are read in the morning.

Websites, blogs, podcasts, banners, pop-ups, email and chat rooms are all cyber platforms that allow promotional content to be available 24/7.

So if you are looking for Internet advertising as an option then there should be no looking back for you. Be ready to climb the ladder of success with Aerosoftcorp websites through this highly beneficial medium.

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In order to understand commercial advertising one must grasp the concept of commercial advertiser. Commercial advertiser means to generate increased consumption and awareness of ones product with the use or uses of product branding. 

Commercial Advertising uses commercials and mass multi-media to increase the product branding through the use of large scale advertising.

TV commercials have become very popular for the purpose of advertising. These days commercials and corporate ads is one of the best ways for promotion of any product. Advertising have become very easy with the use of commercials, corporate ads making and short film services. People love to watch the TV commercials when they are shown with a specific and entertaining theme.

Today TV commercials have covered almost each and every sector of world whether it relates to corporate world or entertainment industry. There are number of programs which are shown on television like the news, comedy shows, short films, general TV programs etc. that are viewed by millions of people each and every day. Commercials are shown within these programs in short periods.

All the commercial programs with some general knowledge, teachings or some value are always viewed and appreciated by the viewers. These commercials are prepared by the TV commercials and corporate ads making agencies. Commercials making companies charge a good amount against these commercials and not doubt in return companies get huge profits through that publicity. Companies get number of valuable customers and a good name and fame in the market through these ads.

No doubt that these days commercials have become an important part of life. Commercials are one of the best way to know the new products and services launched by any company within a small time period. Most TV commercials are of 30 sec. to 60 sec. time period only. So, now it has become very easier to get information on newer services by any company within a very short period of time.

TV commercials have given a good boom to the corporate industry. Corporate industry is growing very vast through commercials and corporate ads making. There are number of services which are served by the corporate ad houses to serve best the corporate industry. Services under this sector includes ad film production, commercials, corporate ads making, video productions, music videos and productions, commercial ads, short films etc.

Word of Mouth

Why do some products become huge successes without a penny of promotion — and why do some multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns fail to get noticed?

Word-of-mouth is the most credible form of marketing because it comes from the word of a trusted friend.
When customers are happy with something, they'll tell their friends, family and neighbors. Word of mouth PR is the cheapest form of advertising, but relies on the assumption that the person doing the talking is trustworthy.

Word-of-Mouth marketing is the most difficult to measure, but it's also the most cost effective, because it costs you nothing.

Your customers are the best vehicle for positive word-of-mouth marketing, but how can you get them to talk about you?

a.Ask them to try your product.
If you want consumers to talk about your product, ask them to try and then to tell others about it. This is an effective way to build excitement and genuine recommendations.

b.Find ways to make your customers feel like company insiders.
Involve them, ask their opinion and then listen. Make them feel like their feedback and opinion matters. Create a list that shares with them upcoming events, product or specials that are coming up.

c.Provide a forum for influences to have a conversation on behalf of your brand.
Give influencers a forum to share their opinion and feedback. This could be a company sponored cocktail party or as simply as an online forum for selected customers only.

d.Provide quality service and treat every customer with respect.
Give your consumer something good to talk about. Show them quality in service and treat every customer with respect. 

e.Stay in touch, provide them with specials that they want to talk about.
Put your consumers in the know. Inform them of specials, send them coupons and by all means stay in touch. This will not only increase their visits, but it will get them talking about you.

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Public Service Announcements

PSAs or public service ad  are messages in the public interest disseminated by the media without charge, with the objective of raising awareness, changing public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue.

How to write PSAs

A Public Service Announcement (PSA) can be written or presented in audio or visual form. For our purposes, we’ll talk about the written script only.

Unlike a press release, a public service announcement is usually transmitted electronically, via radio or television in a short spot of ten to sixty seconds. A requirement of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is that stations donate a certain amount of airtime to serve the public and the community. Most public radio and TV stations have a community calendar for which they will announce events to the public. Health or safety tips are included within this public service requisite.

A public service announcement typically heralds a community event, usually, but not always, for a non-profit organization. Commercial groups can also announce non-profit events or services. If you just want a pre-event plug, the community calendar is where you should direct your PSA. Many local newspapers also have community calendars so PSA’s are not limited to electronic media.

Though the PSA covers less material than the archetypal press release, it requires the same “who, what, where, when and why.” You have several choices when deciding what type of coverage you’d like to have. You may not always get it, but you can at least know what to shoot for. You can aim for just the pre-event announcement which would go to the Calendar; you can try for an on-camera interview to have yourself or a personal representative announce the event; you can request a video taping of the actual event to be aired later on the news or at a future date of significance such as in advance of next year’s event or at any other time. You can also submit your own video, but that’s another subject.

The technicalities of writing a PSA differ somewhat from media outlet to media outlet. But If you use the following basics as your guide, you won’t go wrong. Instead of putting “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” on the top left hand side of the page as you do for a press release, you put “PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT” at the top middle of the single sheet of paper followed by a few spaces and then the date that you’d like your announcement to air. If you have stationary with your company’s logo, you can work your format around that. Next, include name, phone, email, and fax of the contact person. Skip a few lines and entitle your announcement, in bold letters, by the name of the event, followed by a short, concise explanation of what you want aired. State what type of coverage you seek. Send it about three weeks in advance. At the end, write ‘-end-’ or ‘# # #,’ as you do in a press release.

You need to know your plan ahead so you can send your PSA to the proper person or department. Personal contact, of course, is the most ideal, meaning you or someone you know has a personal contact or influence at the media outlet. In that case, it’s full steam ahead and you write it any way that person wants it. Otherwise, you must proceed as do most of us mere mortals, by directing your PSA to the target point. For a single-mailing PSA, call the station and get the proper name of the Department head and address it to her or him.

If you are doing a mass mailing to several media outlets, then the only way to address your PSA is to the Public Service Director at the different addresses to which you are sending them. Then add “Community Calendar” or “Program Director” or “On Air Interviews,” depending upon which coverage you seek. Stations don’t necessarily use these titles but common sense says it will increase your chances of getting your PSA to the proper department.

Newspaper Advertising - The Forgotten Advertising Medium

Too often those of us that own an online business forget that there's another advertising medium that business owners have been using for years, with excellent results.
That medium is Newspaper Advertising. Any online business owner that is not using the option of advertising in newspapers is losing potentially thousands of bucks per year.
Although print newspapers have lost some of their readership to online news sources there are still millions of homes in the world that still buy newspapers, either by newsstands or home delivery.

Reading the newspaper is a habit for many families because there is something for everybody--sports, comics, crosswords, the food section, classifieds, etc. You can reach certain types of people by placing your ad in different sections of the paper that would appeal to your target market. People expect advertising in the newspaper. In fact, many people buy the paper just to read the ads from the supermarket, movies or department stores.
As you look through your newspaper, you'll notice some businesses that advertise regularly. Observe who they are and how they advertise their products and services. More than likely, their advertising investment is working if they continue to place ads.

There are many advantages to advertising in the newspaper. From the advertiser's point-of-view, newspaper advertising can be convenient because production changes can be made quickly, if necessary, and you can often insert a new advertisement on short notice. Another advantage is the large variety of ad sizes newspaper advertising offers. Even though you may not have a lot of money in your budget, you can still place a series of small ads, without making a sacrifice.

Before placing an ad in your town's daily newspaper you may want to place a few test ads in the local papers that publish less often and are not as expensive. If you get a good response to your ad in the smaller publications, chances are they will pull well in the larger more well-known papers. If your response is not what you were hoping for try rewriting the ad and placing it again. Since the rate is less expensive for the smaller local publications you should be able to do this as often as needed until you get the response you were expecting.

Some things to know about newspaper advertising:
1. Newspaper circulation drops on Saturdays and increases on Sundays, which is also the day newspapers are read most thoroughly.
2. Position is important, so specify in what section you want your ad to appear. Sometimes there's a surcharge for exact position... but don't be afraid to pay for it if you need it.
3. Request an outside position for ads that have coupons. That makes them easier to cut out.
4. If a newspaper is delivered twice daily (morning/evening), it often offers "combination" rates or discounts for advertising in both papers. You usually can reach more readers, so this kind of advertising may be something to consider.

Other important tips to remember are:

* Before you advertise, have in mind a definite plan for what it is you want to sell.

* Create short, descriptive copy for your ad. Include prices if applicable. Consider using a copywriter or ask your newspaper for free copy assistance.

* Face your products toward the inside of the ad. If the product you want to use faces right, change your copy layout to the left.

* Be sure to include your company name and logo, address, telephone number and website url in the ad.

* Neat, uncluttered and orderly ads encourage readership. Don't try to crowd everything you can in the layout. If the newspaper helps you with the layout, be sure to request a proof of the final version so you can approve it or make changes before it is printed.

* Always make sure you are satisfied with what your advertising says and how it looks before it goes to the newspaper.

Newspapers are still a formidable advertising force. Find ways to continue to use the paper to increase store traffic, but do it with other advertising too, so the media mix is efficient. Don't let anyone tell you NOT to advertise in the paper. Just do it better.

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